- Safety & Reliability – That's The Ticket

Within the transportation industry, signal reliability and integrity are paramount to delivering on the promise of safety, and transportation availability, at the highest level. Belden works closely with all the participants in the modern transportation market – operators, manufacturers and systems – to ensure security and reliability in every trip.

Transportation Markets

From the rail to the highway and from the airport to the passenger, cargo or military ship, transportation authorities count on Belden for their signal transmission needs.

Offering a unique combination of wired and wireless Ethernet networking products and both fiber optic and copper cabling and connectivity solutions – that are built to last, even in the harshest environments – has helped make Belden the partner of choice for the Transportation industry.

Adding to that is Belden's commitment to ensuring consistently reliable, end-to-end signal transmission performance in such mission critical applications as rail traffic monitoring and control, highway traffic surveillance, airport flight information displays, ship on-board entertainment systems, and many more.

With an extensive and highly specialized product portfolio and history of reliable performance, Belden has a solution for even the most challenging transportation application.

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